It is with our greatest regrets that we announce the passing of 2and900, also known as Bart Kaur.

The YouTuber and War Thunder community contributor recently passed away on the eve of 21st July 2021 due to ongoing mental health issues. Bart (also known as Yor in his community sphere) was a content creator with over 16,000 subscribers who covered weekly War Thunder news and developments. He was often the first to cover updates for the game, and so the niche he occupied with his entertaining, informative and succinct videos grew his channel and community into one which we should all be proud of him for, with his regular streaming and friendly persona attracting a relaxing and approachably circle of likeminded people.

To reasons that will only truly remain known to Bart, he decided to take his own life. In his final video, he heartbreakingly discusses the failures with his YouTube career, being side-lined by the algorithm, feeling unable to grow or develop despite all the time, ambition and effort he put into creating the best content he could.

A GoFundMe may potentially be opened to cover Bart's funeral costs, and if it is, then this article will be updated with the details. On behalf of EWT, and the whole War Thunder community, we send our upmost condolences for his family, who deserve their own peace and privacy during this immensely difficult time to grieve the loss of this remarkable man.

Bart's channel, 2and900: https://www.youtube.com/user/lol500000

Their Discord community: https://discord.gg/nQb6WjQ

Wherever Bart is and whoever he is with, may he rest in peace and happiness.

Mental Health and Hotlines

While we are a War Thunder website, it is important to stand together through losses like this. Whether you were a regular viewer or didn't know him, this is a huge loss for the entire War Thunder community and his family. It is immensely regretful to remember that so many people suffer in silence and feel driven to the point where there is no return.

To anyone reading this, whether you're a War Thunder player or not, we all share this Earth together and we are all human beings with the potential to succeed, be proud, happy and achieve. If any of you are suffering through hard times or need a helping hand, anonymous resources are available out there to help you. The world as we know it was turned upside-down over the last two years, but that does not mean your life must go down the darkest path.

Life is not fair nor just much of the time, but it is also beautiful. Our world is beautiful, the people that surround you and care about you are beautiful, and so are you. Despite your innermost thoughts trying to bring you down and defeat you, taking your own life is never the solution. Regardless of how much you may be going through, the state of things will get better with perseverance, time and help.

Do not suffer alone or be afraid to voice your concerns - the first step to getting better is communication. Doing so does not make you any lesser of a human being for doing so. We are all, always here for you (you can directly reach out on the "Contact Us" page). If you would rather talk to professionals, please do not be afraid to use, note down or share these confidential resources which are there to help you, and all are open 24/7 for free, and from any corner of the globe:

To anyone contemplating suicide - 116 123 or text SHOUT to 85258

To anyone suffering from substance abuse - 1 800 662-HELP

To anyone in any kind of crisis - Text HOME to 741741

To anyone wanting an anonymous chat to prevent suicide: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/

Published July 26, 2021

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