Battle of Berlin

The year is 1945, and the Russian Forces have made it to Berlin. Ferocious fighting encompasses the city, and the Germans are pulling the last of their resources in an attempt to stop the enemy in their tracks. Will the Russians prevail or will the German super-weapons turn the tide of the battle?

Operation Letzter Stand Date: 10th December

Time: Custom battle opens: 6pm GMT

Event briefing: 6:30pm GMT

Latest arrival for the event: 6:50pm GMT

Official start: 7pm GMT

Gamemode: Realistic without Tags (Usernames)

Mini Events

We now have a fully organised Mini Event System planned. With a dedicated team working in tandem with the actual event team to provide a consistent experience preluding the actual main event.

What are Mini-Events?

Mini-Events are smaller events that are played before the Main Event in which the outcome can effect the main event in smaller but impactful ways such as a less detailed map for the enemy to plan with, easier or harder objectives and more whilst also staying balanced. Coin flips are the second version of this idea which consists of a scenario with 2 outcomes and an effect. This is decided by a coin flip. Only luck will give you the edge over your enemies.

Sign Up

Make sure to state your desired slot that you choose after viewing the document listed in Barn Squad so that an event organiser (which can be found on the Barn Squad Discord server) can add you to the event roster. You can identify open slots by them not having a player name listed next to the vehicle also make sure that you are a member of the Barn Squad Server.

244TH Events will be holding Operation Bulldog on Saturday, October 15th at 1700 UTC. The battle takes place on the Sicily air map.

Early April, 1943. The British offensive at Catania has stalled in face of determined German and Italian resistance. Unable to flank their positions due to terrain impassable to tanks and heavy airstrikes, the Allies decide to land an American tank division on the beach at Agnone to assist the beleaguered Brits. All of the German Tigers on Sicily have either been destroyed or abandoned already, so the Allied tank crews will face their Axis counterparts on equal terms. Will the combined Allied force be able to smash through the German line? Or will the hard-pressed Germans hold onto their territory for another day?

This battle will consist of multiple fronts on the ground encompassing the Sicilian countryside. Three large tank formations on each side will be the main combatants, with five aircraft available to each side for fighter cover and ground attack. The battle will be played in realistic mode with no markers.