Jagd 53 Squadron is Recruiting

[Jagd 53]
Gmt -6
No Requirements
Squadron Focus:
Ground, Air, Sea


Jagdgeschwader 53 is a community where players come together to play warthunder and enjoy a relaxed squad based atmopshere. We currently have players of all experience and skill levels and are looking for more exactly the same. Whether you want to play by yourself and passively earn squadron research points for that one vehicle you really want, or you want more people to play and squad up with we are the place for you.

Our group started life as a milsim for portraying the actual JG53 of the WW2 Luftwaffe but we have transformed into running every nation and stay as a squadron and player hub for grinding through the individual trees.  That being said our discord still has some of the history of the various units and discussions of world history as a whole. I continually maintain that our discord server is an OPTIONAL part of the squadron you do not need to interact with the server or discord at all to join.

JG53 as a whole has no requirements to join,  aside from do not be a jerk to others we do not care if today is the first time you logged into war thunder or if you have been level 100 for a year and are hard at work getting to top tier for the 3rd nation in a row. If you play often or even casually we will welcome you into the group. We have players that play every single nation in air, ground and yes even naval we are sure to have someone that can squad up with you to play whatever line up you want to run.

In closing we are looking for new and experienced players, we are more than happy to help you grind through to that cool vehicle you want or just listen to how frustrated you are with this lineup you have,  We’ve been there too. Maybe you are just tired of playing by yourself and want to spice it up a bit,  if so,  give us a look  and we’ll see you there.

Squadron information

Name: Jagd 53

Squadron id:  [Jagd 53]

Leader Von Moltke88

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