If you run a War Thunder Community, Events Server or Squadron become a partner today so you can connect with over 20+ war thunder discord/communities who are also partnered. 


The partner programme has been set up so that we can help communities and players connect with each other much easier and whilst the War Thunder website is amazing when it comes to finding information, having a community like EWT will help glue everyone together as a 'central hub' meaning that everyone will benefit from community owners, squadron commanders to general players. 

We provide features for partners such as; 

  • Your discord is linked to our War Thunder Discords list
  • Events Listing posts you can publish.
  • Squadron Recruitment posts you can publish. *NEW*
  • A dedicated discord category/channels for Partners. 
  • Your ad will be posted on our #endorsed-partners discord channel.
  • Any Event, Squadron or guide will be published to all other partner servers via our 2 announcement channels.

These features are for every partner, essentially helping you and the war thunder community connect together. 

A simple initiative that costs you absolutely nothing, all of this is ran for the community, by the community. 

All we ask is that you respect the rules, help other partners and EWT in return. 

All partnerships are subject to screening and review. We will not tolerate the abuse of the events listing feature and/or any other ill-behaviour that violates the rules on our discord. Our partnerships are setup to benefit server/squadron owners and connect players of war thunder to all partners, so it's easier to find events and other communities for everyone involved.


Join our Discord Server then navigate to the 'open-submission' channel to open a ticket. Let us know it's about Partnerships
We'll join your server and discuss the partnership and how it works in detail. A decision will then be made on if it's the right fit.
If accepted you will need to add our announcement channel (#ewt-news or #wt-events) into a News Channel in your discord. 
We'll add you to the Discord list on the website and open your account to post Events yourself. That's everything! 
Please be aware we do not claim to be working with Gaijin in any way, content such as guides, videos and images have been submitted by original owners/contributors and may feature gameplay from Gaijin / War Thunder.
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