A simplistic guide to the bundles and packs

It's once again early November and if you know anything about War Thunder then you know it's discount time. With the game's 9th birthday bringing a large amount of offers, events, and even rare vehicles. But If you're like me you're always looking for the best deal for your money and usually that's not the easiest thing to find. Especially when the choices are so many and the variety is so thick you're left in more of a confusion after you've had a long scroll through the store page. Simply put unless you already have an adept sense of the vehicles in question or have experience with them already it can be difficult to make a decision. So as someone who's had multiple chances to try numerous bundle vehicles I can easily give you the go ahead or advise otherwise of certain packs.

Before we get into the vehicles let me point out a couple of things:

  • The following is an opinion of a player who's had experience with most of the equipment being talked about.
  • Not everything is to be taken as an absolute fact but more of a suggestion
  • For the sake of simplicity I will only be going over bundles that are over Tier III and are individual vehicles.
  • When battle ratings are mentioned they are using the current Realistic battle ratings.
  • This guide does not include console bundles.
  • I do not recommend buying Boats or Helicopters.
  • If you have any further questions, comments, remarks feel free to talk to the author on the EWT discord.


General Motors XM-1 Pack

Rating: A

The predecessor to the legendary M1 Abrams, the XM-1 finds it's self at a currently comfortable battle rating that allows it to easy out speed most of it's competition. Armed with a stabilized 105mm gun and APFSDS you will struggle to find targets you cannot easily handle if you use the vehicle's speed to put yourself in the right position. So while the vehicle excels at fast paced gameplay you will also find yourself able to take advantage of hull down positions due to NERA plates in the turret and a overall gun depression of -10 degrees. Unfortunately you will be the victim of Helicopters, high speed ATGMs as well as enemy vehicles up to 10.3 when using the XM-1 but that doesn't stop the vehicle from performing well against strong opposition.

Overall the XM-1 is an exceptional vehicle that is extremely versatile in the hands of an aggressive player and it's certainly recommended to purchase this vehicle if you're attempting to climb your way through the American ranks.
This pack also includes: Premium Account for 15 days and 2000 Golden Eagles.

Magach 3

Rating: C-

With the announcement of the Israeli tree I could imagine this vehicle being pulled from sale for the US Tree soon, that being said the Magach 3 is based off the US M48 series medium tank and has quite the array of upgrades in comparison. Upgunned to a 105mm and now freshly armed with better HEATFS while being defended by new ERA plates that protect up to an extra 260mm against HEAT, the Magach finds it's self a rather comfortable spot against it's adversaries. Mobility is nothing special to speak of with an average top speed at best. The playstyle of this vehicle is interesting due to the vehicle being a jack of all trades yet the master of none. It performs well as an offensive and defensive vehicle while filling all the roles of a medium tank. It does have a tendency to perform poorly in an uptier.

To put it simply this is just an M48 with extra steps, while it does perform better than the M48 and M60 tech tree variants it doesn't put forth enough to be unique in comparison. I would honestly recommend you spend your money on a Talisman for the M48/M60 instead.
This pack also includes: Premium Account for 15 days and 2000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: B+

The culmination of US heavy tank design in the mid 1940s, the T29 series heavy tank was designed specifically for breaking through the German defenses built up around the Rhine river. Fortunately for us the vehicle never entered service and was regulated to a prototype vehicle. In game however this heavy tank shines with it's heavy 105mm cannon and adequate armor. Boasting a grand total of 253mm of penetration with it's APCBC the T13 shell was affectionately named the "Nuke Shell" by some players. The mobility for this heavy tank is above average which has a tendency to encourage a player to overextend. The lowerplate on this vehicle is a necessity to hide due to it's low armor and explosive ending after penetration.

If you've been looking for an enjoyable heavy tank that has the firepower and protection needed to bring home a victory then the T29 might be your best option, as an avid enjoyer of the T29/T30/T34 series heavy tanks I cannot recommend it enough if you're looking for a lower cost US premium bundle.
This pack includes: Premium Account for 7 days and 1,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: B+

The lighter counterpart of the F-4 series, the F-5C finds it's self extremely comfortable with it's impressive array of weaponry. While not being as modern as the F-5E, the F-5C doesn't lack too far behind. Armed with dual 20mm cannons and AiM-9Es the nimble F-5C can turn and burn it's way through most engagements. Even for those who are looking for a ground support aircraft the F-5C will easily supply enemy ground targets with 4 AGM-12 Bullpups or up to 2,000 kg of bombs. The F-5C performs amazing in it's fighter role with it's 560 rounds of 20mm ammunition that if used correctly can easily obtains a pilot an ace. Even during defensive flying it boasts a total of 60 flares! compared to the F-5E's 45.

Realistically the only draw backs of the aircraft include the lack of a radar, the poor high altitude performance and the somewhat underpowered engines. But that doesn't stop the aircraft from performing well at it's current battle rating. The F-5C is thoroughly recommended for most applications.
This pack includes: 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

AV-8A Harrier

Rating: C+

The Harrier is well known for it's VTOL capabilities, but just how does the AV-8A perform in War Thunder? It's a transonic aircraft that is reasonably armed with dual 30mm cannons and the impressive AIM-9G. But while it has high acceleration it doesn't have the greatest maneuverability. In Air Realistic battles it's air spawn will certainly give it an early game edge so make sure to use it before the enemy has a proper chance to react. While it does possess ground attack load outs they're not the greatest and overall rather subpar in comparison to other aircraft of similar battle rating.

Simply put this is just a copy of the AV-8C that currently exists in the tree, the only difference to my knowledge is that the AV-8A gets 240 countermeasures in comparison to the AV-8C's 60. Personally I wouldn't recommend due to the exact vehicle already existing in the tech tree.
This pack includes: Premium Account for 15 days and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Sabre "Skyblazers"

Rating: F

I'll be honest this is a waste of money. The aircraft is no different in comparison to the F-86F-25 and is only different by having a different skin. If you heavily enjoy Sabres then I could possibly recommend it but otherwise I would skip it due to the horrible BR compression and copy paste nature of this bundle.

This pack includes: 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: C

Like above this aircraft is again found in numerous iterations and is in no way different in comparison. However, due to the relatively low price of this bundle of this bundle in the fact that it's much more competitive in gameplay I can easily recommend this plane as a much cheaper alternative in comparison to the higher priced packs.

The P-51D-20 plays like the typical P-51 armed with 6 .50 caliber machine guns and a small assortment of bombs and rockets. While it can support ground forces it performs much better as an air superiority aircraft. If you're strapped for cash and want to break into the US jets then I would certainly recommend this bundle, otherwise I would keep looking.
This bundle includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles (I would honestly suggest buying this bundle on sale purely for the Premium and GE)


Leopard L/44

Rating: B-

Built as a prototype to test the new L/44 in the 1980s, the Leopard L/44 is an improvement over the tech tree Leopard A1A1 while only being different in having a superior main gun. Otherwise it's more or less the same vehicle. The Leopard L/44 is arguably inferior to the Leopard 1A5 of the same battle rating due to the latter having higher penetration and thermal optics. Quick, somewhat lightly armed, stabilized and easy to learn. The Leopard is a solid investment if you're trying to get into Germany's top tier tanks.

At the same time however it would be much more economical to put a talisman on the A1A1 which currently rests at a lower battle rating than the L/44. But if you can pay the price I'd certainly recommend the vehicle due to it's ability to punch well above it's weight.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Tiger II H Sla.16

Rating: B

This pack is what's considered old but gold as it dates back towards 2016 of release so numerous players already have this vehicle and there's a good reason why. The Sla.16 diesel engine is what sets this vehicle apart from it's tech tree brother. Only differing in mobility and a paint job, the Sla.16 is a faster version of the already well known and all around liked German heavy tank. It's playstyle is slow and reserved with the vehicle being well suited for long range combat.

Unfortunately there's not much else that sets it apart, that being said during the sale it's a worthwhile investment if you're looking to get into the German tank tree.
This pack includes Premium account for 7 days and 1,000 Golden Eagles.

MiG-21 SPS-K

Rating: C-

Another pack that is based on a vehicle that already has numerous iterations in the game. As a MiG-21 player you have good acceleration and engine performance while suffering heavily in energy retention. Personally I think the weapons are rather lacking with limited missile options and being forced to choose between taking cannons or countermeasures. Ground attacking capabilities are also limited with only a handful of bombs and rockets per sortie. Due to it's high battle rating unless you're familiar with the opposition you will find yourself struggling with enemy vehicles quite often.

In conclusion I cannot recommend this due it being extremely expensive while bringing nothing to the table other than a new skin. It would be much cheaper to talisman the already existing MiG-21s or buy one off the market.
This pack includes Premium Account for 15 days and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

G.91 R/4

Rating: B-

The G.91 series aircraft have recently become a favorite among early BR jet pilots. However this one has some interesting quirks while causing quite the fuss in ground battles. Armed with M3 .50s which are relatively lackluster as well as AIM-9B Air to Air Missiles the R/4 has good air superiority abilities. It's better than most in the turn fight but it's top speed is rather slow in comparison to some of the other vehicles it faces. In the ground support role the Nord missiles make quick work of enemy tanks while having a fortunate enough battle rating to avoid most SAM platforms. (But watch out for proximity fuse!)

Overall it's a good buy if you're looking for a nimble and versatile German light fighter, but this vehicle does exist with more heavily armed cannons in the tech tree already.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Fw 190 D-13

Rating: B+

Certainly one of the oldest bundles still available for sale but by no means a sleeper. The D-13 is still extremely competitive with it's triple 20mm MG 151s and DB 605 engine which make it a great Boom and Zoom aircraft. Ample ammo and good climb rate will lead you to high altitude fights which you'll usually have the upper hand in. With a minimal but still effective selection of bombs the D-13 does have ground support capabilities. On unlucky days you might encounter jet aircraft but due to the performance it should be easy to deal with said threats.

Honestly speaking there are much better ways to spend your money but for what you get with this bundle you can set yourself up with some of the higher tier German planes quite easily.
This bundle includes: 15 days of Premium Account and 1,000 Golden Eagles.



Rating: B+

Starting out extremely strong with good APFSDS, Thermals for both Gunner and Commander, ERA bricks covering a large chunk of armor, and even a freshly mounted Dozer Blade the T-72AV is arguably the fastest way to experience what top tier tanks have to offer. This is however still a T-72 which means very weak side armor and poor reverse gears so be sure to think ahead before charging into enemy lines. At the same time you'll also be fighting some of the best equipment at the game so it can be challenging to get used to if you're not familiar with the high battle rating.

While the T-72AV turms gets a few extra tricks in comparison to most vehicles of similar battle rating it does have the same issues the average T-72 suffers from, that being said it's still an amazing buy overall.
This pack also includes: 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: A+

I can almost not put into words how much I enjoy this vehicle. It takes the already reliable and rugged T-55 series tank and makes it absolutely exceptional. APFSDS, Composite packages, Stabilizer, ATGM, high mobility, laser rangefinder, reasonable reload and even a favorable battle rating. The T-55AM-1 is an absolute steal with it's versatility and heavy hitting firepower. This vehicle excels even in up tiers against better armored tanks. The drawbacks however do include it's lack of gun depression, holes in it's composite armor package and it's somewhat slower than average reload (when compared to 105mm armed NATO tanks).

Personally I can't get enough of it, the sleek and menacing design mixed with fun and action packed gameplay makes this vehicle a must have for enjoyers of Soviet Cold War equipment. I thoroughly recommend it.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Object 120

Rating: C+

Certainly the definition of glass cannon, the Object 120 boasts an autoloading 152mm that packs more penetration power than some high tier tanks. The gun however is arguably the only good thing about the vehicle considering it's large size and thin armor making the vehicle extremely susceptible to over pressure and aircraft. Distance will be your best friend as your laser fast APFSDS or punishing HEATFS can easily cripple any enemy caught within it's grasp. But getting to a good spot can be troublesome due to the somewhat average mobility and tricky gun handling on the Object 120.

The Object 120 suffers greatly from the circumstances of the map you load into, close combat means quick deaths and unless you have good sight lines you will find yourself in poor situations often. Overall it's honestly down to personal taste because the vehicle it's self isn't bad.


Rating: D

Another vehicle that's past it's prime. While the 122mm gun can still knock down enemies the armor isn't much greater than say the IS-3 that now exists at a lower battle rating. Your biggest advantage over other contemporary heavy tanks will be your faster reload. Overall the IS-6 is still a potent vehicle but numerous nerfs and BR changes have put it into a situation where it fights HEAT and ATGMs on a regular basis.

I'd recommend skipping this one because honestly it's not 2017 anymore.
This pack also includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: C+

The new swept wing attacker line of the Soviet Air Force has brought quite the amount of new toys to tinker with. However this one lacks most of them. Only being armed with twin 30mm cannons with a short list of bombs and rockets the Su-7BMK is at best a decent ground attacker. It lacks air to air missiles which keeps it's capabilities against enemy aircraft rather limited unless you use it's large engine to put yourself at an advantage.

Overall it's a short and sweet ground attacker that doesn't have the versatility of other aircraft but does have the speed to get the job done fast. Depends on your needs.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: B-

Seen as the formal rival to the Harrier, the Yak-38 has VTOL capabilities that make it stand out in comparison to most other aircraft. Luckily this aircraft can handle more situations than just one. Armed with an array of weapons the Yak-38 can manage both air superiority and ground support. R-60 Air to Air missiles and 23mm cannons are good choices for combating aircraft but interestingly enough you cannot equip both at the same time. Lacking countermeasures and a high top speed the Yak-38 finds it's self in a precarious positions sometimes.

So while the aircraft has differing loadouts for most situations it does seem to have some heavy drawbacks when it comes to dedicating it's self to either role. This one again comes down to player preference since not everyone enjoys doing one specific thing.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: B-

Another in the now long list of copy paste premiums that came out around the time of supersonic aircraft. The Cuban MIG-17AS is just a MIG-17 with an extra modification, which happen to be air to air missiles. The R3S air to air missiles are useful in most cases and the aircraft happens to not only already be capable but also have capable matchmaking. Most of the opponents it faces can be taken down given the proper amount of skill and willpower.

While not being unique it is still an extremely potent aircraft which does well even in an uptier.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: B+

What can be considered a "Heavy Attacker" the Tu-1 is armed to the teeth with twin 45mm cannons and a supplementary armament of two more 23mm cannons. What's even more interesting is that this aircraft is equipped with an early radar which could help in locating bombers or other enemy aircraft. It's bomb selection is simplistic but good with the ability to carry up to 3,000 kg. It's even relatively well defended with two 12.7mm guns located before the tail. It's punishing front armament should certainly be afraid of unless you're looking to lose your aircraft quickly.

Overall it's what you pay for, a ground attacker that can deliver astonishing results when used properly. Would recommend.
This pack comes with 7 days of Premium Account and 1,000 Golden Eagles.


Sho't Kal Dalet

Rating: B+

The heavily modified Israeli Centurion finds it's self in an extremely interesting position with it's extra armor, stabilized gun, APFSDS rounds and decent mobility. At the battle rating where APFSDS only barely begins to seep it's way into every match the Sho't Kal is surprisingly extremely strong even in an uptier. The ERA vaguely helps against incoming HEAT/AGTM threats and I wouldn't rely on it too heavily to save you. The addition of a .50 and smoke grenades come in handy in certain situations.

If you're looking to get into the British tank tree this would arguably be a good buy but you might have to get used to it's slow playstyle in comparison to some of the faster enemy vehicles.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Rooikat 105

Rating: C+

What once was a unique premium is now backlined by the fact a similar and arguably superior vehicle now exists in the tech tree. The Rooikat 105 lacks the autoloader that the tech tree variant possesses but in exchange it has a smaller turret. Simply put it's another in a long line of wheeled vehicles so if you're looking for cap points or a quick flank this would be a good investment. But due to the poor in game physics and the current implementation of wheeled vehicles I would advise you not to expect the greatest offroad performance.

Like I said it's not that unique anymore due to numerous other iterations already existing in the tree and it would be much cheaper to just purchase a talisman for the existing vehicles, but if you're a fan of fast vehicles with hard hitting guns this might be the pack for you.
This pack also includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Centurion Mk. 5 AVRE

Rating: B-

Situational at best, but a heavy hitter nonetheless. A sort of demolition vehicle, the AVRE was designed for assault well defended buildings and bunkers and not fighting tanks. But since War Thunder doesn't have either the vehicle finds it's self in somewhat of an interesting position. The 165mm cannon is only armed with HESH that greatly decreases it's already minimal muzzle velocity. Backed with a short reload this vehicle is an up close and personal weapon that is best used in support of friendly units. It includes ERA bricks and even the ability to repair others regardless if you're in a squad or not.

Due to it's lethal ability to put down any target with a single hit and it's unique style, the AVRE sits comfortably as one of the better British packs to purchase.
This pack comes with 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Hunter FGA.9

Rating C-

Another addition to the long list of already existing aircraft, the Rhodesian Hunter FGA.9 is armed with AIM-9E air to air missiles which helps it to stand out from it's earlier brother the F.1 while also having reinforced wing spars that allow it to achieve higher speeds without ripping into shreds. Unfortunately the Hunter FGA.9 lacks flares and faces quite the amount of issues regarding fights above it's Battle Rating. The vehicle also suffers from a very small fuel load in comparison to it's adversaries. I personally think the vehicle is too high in battle rating for it to be effective on a regular basis.

With a multitude of other premiums and options for British Air this is another vehicle I'd recommend you skip.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Wyvern S4

Rating: A+

Finishing off with an exceptional vehicle, the older Wyvern S4 bundle is still an amazing grab for those attempting to get into the British Air Tree. Armed with quad 20mm Hispano Mk Vs, an impressive array of bombs and a criminally low battle rating for it's performance, the Wyvern is an exceptional vehicle in the hands of those who know it's strengths. Utilizing a turboprop the vehicle can reach impressive speeds and easily outrun most opponents given early warning. However it suffers heavily in the maneuverability department and has troubles keeping it's energy retained in prolonged fights. equipped with air brakes as well as RP-3s the Wyvern performs it's strike aircraft duties astonishingly well.

Whether you want to destroy tanks or demolish enemy aircraft the Wyvern S4 is easily one of the better contenders to get the job done right.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 1,000 Golden Eagles.


Type 74 G

Rating: C

What once was a very good investment due to the lack of Type 74s in game is now another stepping stone in the Japanese tree. The Type 74 G isn't a bad vehicle by any means but for it's performance the price is somewhat subpar. It plays like the average NATO main battle tank of the BR. with average armor, average mobility and a slightly above average gun (due to it's domestic shells) so you can expect the works of a stabilized L7 platform.

Simply put you get what you pay for, nothing special as it's simply the average run of the mill Japanese Main Battle Tank.
This pack comes with 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: D-

If it wasn't obvious by now Gaijin has lacked creativity recently when it comes to making new premium packs. The F-86F-40 is a copy paste of the already existing F-86F-40. You'll meet vehicles you have no hopes of beating in uptiers and perform about average on downtiers. This isn't a vehicle I'd recommend to someone trying to get into the Japanese air tree as there are much better alternatives.

Skip it, it's not worth your time.
This pack comes with 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


OF-40 Mk.2 MCTA

Rating: C

With the only Italian entry in this guide due to lack of alternatives, The OF-40 Mk.2 MCTA follows in the footsteps of it's in tree variants. With not much that separates it's self from it's other variants. Similar to the Type 74 G in this regard, it is still well equipped with APFSDS, a more powerful engine compared, smoke and some composite armor in the sides of the turret. The playstyle is similar to that of your average 8.7 NATO Main Battle Tank.

Unfortunately it's at a high BR for it to really shine, I'd honestly suggest getting something else over this one.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


AMX-30 Super

Rating: C+

A direct improvement overall in comparison to the tech tree AMX-30 tanks, the AMX-30 super is equipped with a Stabilzer that greatly enhances the performance of the already stunning vehicles. However the stabilizer and improved engine performance is about all you get over the tech tree tanks. In fact it could be argued that the AMX-30B2 BRENUS is a somewhat superior vehicle due to having ERA and electronic countermeasures while lacking the Stabilzer. But as most tanks that have been put up for bundles at this BR you get more or less the same thing.

But if you're looking for an enjoyable experience I'd recommend the cheaper AMX-30 premium or just obtaining the tech tree vehicles due to them being at a much more competitive battle rating.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Somua SM

Rating: B+

Taking the existing AMX-50 and transforming it from a medium to a heavy tank, the autoloading Somua SM is something to be feared by all who would dare approach it. While not as agile as it's 40 ton brother the Lorraine 40t, the Somua is easily one of the best tanks at it's battle rating. If you manage to damage an enemy with it's 100mm cannon you can easily destroy him and the next couple enemies in line due to it's 4 second autoloader. It should be noted however that while the frontal armor is certainly something to rely on, it's side and rear armor is less than desired. Due to fighting HEAT projectiles it will often end up with frontal penetrations but with good positioning and a keen eye the Somua is certainly to be a fan favorite.

All in all the Somua SM is a solid investment for those looking to get their hooks into the French Tree, with more than enough armor to be a heavy tank and a gun that can easily neutralize any enemy.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Vautour IIA

Rating: C+

Reaching speeds close to the sound barrier, the French jet bomber found it's way into Israeli services sometime in the 1950s. While this aircraft already exists as it's own aircraft in the tree, this variant is armed with the Shafrir Air to Air missiles. Arguably the defintion of pay to win, the Vautour's bomber spawn puts it in a good position to take advantage of enemy bombers or unsuspecting fighters. With the same loadouts as the tech tree bomber including bombs and rockets , it can easily support any ground games you might have. Just make sure to watch out for enemy AA.

With the air to air missiles being the only real difference the Vautour isn't too unique, especially considering the almost imminent Israeli Air Tree.
This pack comes with 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles


Type-69 II G

Rating: D+

The age old method of taking existing vehicles and attempting to make them better doesn't always work with for the Chinese and for the Bangladeshi this vehicle is no exception. The Type-69 II G is a duct tape attempt to make an aging tank modern once again. Armed with a 105mm cannon that fires HEAT, AFPSDS, and HE-VT, the vehicle lacks heavily in the defense department. The same hull and turret armor of the earlier Type 69 with some ERA tacked on. While the ERA helps against HEAT and ATGMs it does nothing in the face of APFSDS. A slow turret traverse and old powertrain keep it's mobility low. But in the hands of a skilled player I'm sure the vehicle can easily rack up the kills given the proper time, attention and map layout.

There are much better alternatives and this vehicle is a poor excuse for a pack.
This pack also includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: B+

An adept ground attacker at best and an above average multirole fighter at worst. The Pakistani A-5C is a modification of the existing Q-5 series aircraft. Heavily armed with twin 23mm cannons and an amazing selection of bombs, rockets, and two types of air to air missiles, the A-5 is by no means to be underestimated. With the ability to support a team in both air and ground combat the aircraft should find it's self right at home in the hands of a multirole pilot. However without it's ground loadouts the A-5C is a menace to enemy aircraft. With two Matra R550 Magic 1 missiles, an air spawn and countermeasures, enemy pilots should be wary of the devastating effect this aircraft has on the early game opening blows.

Given the abilities of the aircraft it's quite easy to recommend it if you're looking to support a high tier Chinese line up.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Shenyang F-5

Rating C-

Currently the only North Korean vehicle in the game, the F-5 is an interesting bird. With it's upgraded engine that now has an afterburner which the earlier MIG-17 and J-4 lack the F-5's performance moves well above the former. However that is it's only real advantage given the air frame is still the same as well as it's main armament. With the upgraded engine come the addition of of two PL-2 air to air missiles. While the missiles aren't spectacular they can assist in bringing down a couple of enemies from time to time.

Other than the changes mentioned above there isn't much difference and it is suggested to spend your money elsewhere.
This pack comes with 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


CV 90105 TML

Rating: B

Setting aside the average looking tanks in the game, the CV 90105 light tank prototype features the French 105mm gun that's not only stabilized but also fires German APFSDS. Speedy, somewhat small and agile, the CV 90105 TML is an exceptional support vehicle with it's ability to scout and take advantage of enemy flanks. It is however a light tank so don't expect to take many hits. It's draw backs include poor armor and inadequate gun depression. But it's thermals, laser rangefinder and speed keep it on the front line.

While not an autoloader like it's bigger brother the CV 90120, the CV90105 TML is a neat little vehicle for the battle rating and can easily suppliant any line ups you add it to.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: C+

Sweden is rather infamous for interesting and weird designs so the J35A's appearance might not be surprising to some. The Interceptor found it's roots in the 1960s and grew to be a successful aircraft. Armed with numerous RB24 Air to Air missiles and twin 30mm cannons the J35A is well equipped to deal with multiple foes. Because of it's double delta wing it has very high maneuverability but due to it's earlier model engine it doesn't have the ability to recover energy quickly once it's lost. In the hands of a capable pilot the aircraft performs well but if you're not well versed in jet combat I would suggest looking somewhere else. This aircraft lacks countermeasures.

Unfortunately a much better version of the aircraft exists in the tree so I would have to recommend you wait it out till you get the J35D.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.


Rating: B

Once the holder of a speed record, the interesting J29D is armed with quad 30mm cannons and a handful of rockets. With it's role mostly in air superiority pilots will find themselves dodging enemy air to air missiles somewhat often while having to rely on engine power and skill to place themselves in a good position to counter enemy aircraft. Thankfully even against the more agile enemies the J29D can keep with them due to it's maneuverability.

Overall it would be a smarter option just to obtain the much lower J29A if an individual is looking to play this series of aircraft. But I would still recommend it if you were looking to play Swedish Jets.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

VL Pyorremyrsky

Rating: B+

Looking like the child of a BF-109 and G.55, the VL Pyorremyrsky is an interesting fighter that has a supreme blend of speed and maneuverability. Armed with the simplistic loadout of a single 20mm MG 151 and twin 12.7 machine guns the VL Pyorremyrsky packs a punch. However for those looking for a ground support aircraft it's bomb selection is extremely poor with only 400 kg total. Ultimately the vehicle is best suited for boom and zoom tactics due to it's 109 based engine.

There isn't much else to say about the VL Pyorremyrsky other than the fact that it's one of the only Finnish aircraft in the game, but for those with good experiences in the BF 109 I would certainly recommend it.
This pack includes 7 days of Premium Account and 1,000 Golden Eagles.


Disclaimer: Due to the lack of an air tree (and the fact these packs will not be on sale for a while) I strongly recommend against buying Israeli premiums.


Rating: D+

The US based A-4E is an extremely capable strike aircraft with an impressive array of loadouts, with an air spawn in most situations it can easily get an early game advantage on most of it's adversaries or get to an enemy position very quickly. From air to air missiles, rockets, bombs, guided bombs and even extra cannons there's not much the A-4E cannot handle. It also includes countermeasures for those tricky situations. So why the poor rating? because you can get this aircraft without even playing the game if you join a squadron.

I cannot recommend buying a vehicle that you don't have to pay for, plus there had to be something more interesting than the A-4E as an Israeli Premium.
This pack includes 15 days of Premium Account and 2,000 Golden Eagles.

Spitfire LF Mk IX

Rating: D-

I'll be honest. I love the LF Mk IX so much I own 4 of them in 3 trees already. The two stage supercharger that lets you climb like a bat out of hell. The UFO style flight model that lets you out turn everything but zeroes. Ample ammo supply and gas guzzling engine. But currently? This spitfire lacks cannon modifications that the other four get. The aircraft does include a limited ground support selection but overall there's no point in using it due to the exceptional status this aircraft gets as an air superiority fighter.

If they fixed the lack of modifications and add an Israeli air tree to the game I would give it a higher rating, but as it stands I would stay away from it for now.
This pack includes 7 days of Premium Account and 1,000 Golden Eagles.


To put it in simple terms, the packs currently on sale aren't usually worth the money. Because as it stands you could save money by buying talismans for the vehicles you already have unlocked and playing them till you achieve the next rank and repeat from there. This also helps because you don't have to put 600 battles on a single vehicle and getting burnt out. But as you can see there are some vehicles worth your time and attention. I'd recommend trying to get packs in two or more vehicle bundles that usually have extra goodies and heavy discounts. Even if you're reading this guide after everything has gone off sale in game just remember that Christmas Sales are just around the corner!

If you've made it this far let me thank you for sticking with it, this is my first contribution to EWT and not only am I looking forward to adding more articles but I'm also looking for feedback as well as criticism. Have something you wanna tell me? Have questions regarding other premiums? Gameplay decisions? or just random questions? Feel free to leave a comment or find me in the EWT discord: https://discord.gg/GXypujtyCD
Thanks for reading and I hope this guide has helped.

Published November 8, 2021

2 comments on “Premium Bundle Buyer's Guide November 2021”

  1. the OBJ-120 isnt stabilised, and you should take another look at the IS-6, it is 7.0, the same BR as the IS-3, while being more mobile, with a faster reload.

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