The [Gaijin] Market is often mentioned in discussions about War Thunder and its vehicles. The marketplace is for selling and purchasing vehicles, camouflages, skins, decals, and drops from past Events, Battle Passes, and happenings, providing players with the possibility of recieving that specific item or in-game content they badly want, or did not have the chance to get by themselves back when it was available. On a more pedagogical note though, what can be found over there? Maybe even more important: where can it be found and what is it for? It's not at all difficult, so let's get into it right away.

Overview - How to Get There?

Getting to the Marketplace is no difficult task. The first way of getting in - and also the simplest - is to simply search for "gaijin market" in whatever search engine you might prefer, and simply click on the "Gaijin Market"-option. This will bring you to a site requiring you to login. Do that, and you're in. The second option is to go over to the home page of War Thunder's website, navigate to the option "Market", and press that - also not that difficult. You can also access it through the list in the upper-right corner in you hangar menu in-game.

Navigating on War Thunder's Homepage
In-game Hangar Menu*

Now, after you've entered the Marketplace and logged in, you will be brought to a page looking like this right here (as of 21-09-05), the "front page". Congratulations, you've made it to the Gaijin Marketplace!

Marketplace "Front Page"

What is the Marketplace for?

Now that we have made it to the Marketplace, time to discuss it's purpose. Essentially, the purpose of the Market is for players of Gaijin's games to sell and buy in-game content from Gaijin's different games. Gaijin makes profit out of this by receiving an exponential part of what the content was sold for on the market. The marketplace is for selling and purchasing vehicles, camouflages, skins, decals, and drops from past Events, Battle Passes, and happenings, providing players with the possibility of recieving that specific item or in-game content they badly want, or did not have the chance to get by themselves back when it was available. War Thunder is not the only game that you can find content for on this Market - although it is by far the most popular section over there, and also what the focus of this guide will be. On the Market, you'll be able to buy and sell various contents from War Thunder, all of which can be seen and filtered on the right-hand of the screen after you've filtered your Market down to just War Thunder. Here a few screenshots portraying the various filters:

As seen here, several of War Thunder's contents can be sold on Gaijin's Marketplace, including Decals, Camouflage Coupons, Trophies (chests) and their Keys, as well as Decorations for you vehicles, and of course the most popular ware on the Market: Vehicle Coupons! More on all of the wares a bit later.

How does it work?

The Market works as such, a player (usually it's someone who also plays the game, but not always) can either put content up for sale or buy content that's already been put up for sale by someone else. That begs the question, how does one know what can be sold on the Market? Well, first of all, everything you could sell on the market, is to be found in your War Thunder "Inventory".

Either you enter this inventory from in-game and look for items with the Gaijin Market-Symbol, which you can find by pressing on the item and search for in on the right side where the item will be shown further, or you enter your inventory through the Marketplace by navigating the top three options ("Inventory"; "My orders"; "Market"). In here, everything that you own that is sellable is shown. Meaning that everything you see here, you can sell!

The Gaijin Market-Symbol

Sellable Wares

Here a list of what can be sold:

2021 "Summer Landing"-Event; Top Ground-Vehicle Reward; BMD-4 Coupon
Rare Camouflage Coupon for the USSR MiG-15bis up for sale on the Marketplace
Currently the only available Helicopter on the Market (21-09-05)


Coupons are mainly received from Events, the Battle Pass, as Drops from Twitch-Streams or Trophies (chests), or also bought from the in-game Warbond Shop or on the Marketplace. All coupons can be "activated" in order to recieve the respective vehicle or camouflage. Many of them can also be sold on the Market, of course at the expense of activation.


Decorations are 3D items you can place on your Naval Forces boat/ship/vessel or on your Ground Forces vehicle. Ranging from everything from balls, machine guns, gloves and hats to shields, helmets, and soldier's armor and vests, these also come as coupons. Some decorations gathered from events or as drops can perhaps be sold on the Market - be sure to check if your Decoration is sellable before consuming your coupon!


These are the stickers you can apply to your vehicles, and some also come as coupons that can be consumed/activated. Can be gathered from various events, happenings, drops or similar.

Chest (Trophy) Obtained from the "Hot Tracks" Update
Key "used to open the 'Hot Tracks' trophy"


Often randomly received after battles. Correspond with the latest released Major Update. Trophies, or chests, whatever you prefer to call them, can be opened with the corresponding Key. Containing mostly camouflages for vehicles, lucky drops include "Ultra rare" vehicles! Keys are only obtained through the Marketplace. Here, they are sold in huge numbers, provided by Gaijin themselves. This means that the pricing is constant and that they cannot sell out.


These are linked to events. Is no event currently going on, this Marketplace section will be empty. Is an event currently ongoing, components can refer to smaller pieces, often called "parts", or bigger pieces - both used for crafting the currently available Event Vehicle. Not all components gathered can be sold on the Marketplace. Don't forget to check which ones are sellable.

What sets the prices?

Well, to answer it simply, the one who puts the content or item up for sale! Essentially the Gaijin Marketplace works like every other market out there, by supply and demand. If there is a large amount of an item or a content out there available to players, it will be cheaper, and vice versa. On the Gaijin Marketplace though, you'll see some crazy extreme prices on those, extra, ultra rare vehicle coupons and camouflage coupons. This is because the player that has luckily gotten their hands on this extremely rare vehicle sometimes does not want the vehicle sold, but rather wants it sitting on the Market, and sort of showing itself off. Or an extreme price can be set, perhaps playing on other people's urge to have what is rare in order to impress others, resulting in them buying the coupon despite the extreme overpricing.

Gaijin Coin - The Currency

Everything on the marketplace is sold and bought in Gaijin Coins. They are one to one to the US-dollar as well as the EUR depending on your country of residence. These can be received by selling something on the Marketplace, or by buying them directly by "replenishing your account balance" in the upper-right inside the Marketplace. These Gaijin Coins cannot be transferred into your own bank account into "real money" meaning you cannot sell something in the market and then transfer the profit into real-world money.

Something interesting though, is that Gaijin Coins can be used all over Gaijin's games and not only by purchasing inside the Marketplace. So, you could use your hard-earned Gaijin Coins to buy Golden Eagles in-game, in-game Premium Time, as well as fully-functional Premium Vehicles from the War Thunder Shop to add to your account.

Published September 6, 2021

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  1. One thing that should be worth mentioning,is that while GJN (Gaijin Coin) is tied to the US Dollar/Euro, you don't have to buy them in those currencies. They accept various other currencies ad well. This opens up to the possibilities of buying GJN for cheaper then the market rate. If for example you bought a lot of JPY when it was weaker (at 130 JPY per USD), and it's now stronger (127 per USD) then you can buy GJN for less than if you just paid in dollars.

    Of course, you have to have a ForEx card to do all this, but that's a lot easier to do this day then in the past.

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