Want to know how to master the War Thunder Replay function to create real cinematic footage from your match replays? In this revised guide we’ll run through the basic replay controls and the best tips when it comes to making a cinematic war thunder video.

Saving Game Replays and Finding Older Replays

PLEASE NOTE: Replays will NOT WORK forever and are inaccessible after any major update/patch, so this is why it’s best advised to keep Replays for up-to 1 month and then record the clips you can before a major update drops.

Saving & Keeping track of Game Replays

  • War Thunder Automatically saves replays
  • To rename the replay, enter the Replays list in-game (from the hamburger menu in the top left corner) and click the replay so it’s highlighted, then click ‘Rename’ at the bottom of the window.
  • You can also click the Folder icon (bottom left of the window) to open the Folder they’re saved in, from here you can drag and drop into a new folder to save them.

Finding Older Replays that are not in the Replay List

  • Dropdown Menu  - Replays
  • Click open File Folder (opens a system folder window). 
  • Rename the replay files that you’d like to get access to within that folder.
  • Delete the unused replays (in game Replay window) until the named replays appear.

Complete List of War Thunder Replay Keys/Commands

Below we’ve split the controls into two tables so it’s easier to memorise the functions needed to record a reply, for the replay functions that require a custom button we advise utilising the NUMPAD for easy access and/or programmable keys such as those found on common gaming keyboards.

Basic Control and Replay Keys
Name of Replay FunctionKey / Commands
Switch to Players View ;
Switch to Previous Vehicle [
Switch to Next Vehicle ]
Show/Hide Markers in-replay .
Hide in-game HUD completely ALT + Z
Show/hide Cursor in Spectator CUSTOM BUTTON – set your own such as NUMPAD key.
Toggle Depth of Field CUSTOM BUTTON – set your own such as NUMPAD key.
Replay SPEED UPSHIFT + RIGHT  ( 2x, 4x & 8x times faster)
Replay SLOW DOWNSHIFT + LEFT    ( .5, .25, .125, and 0.0 - pause)
Camera Control & Camera Angles
Gun ViewCTRL + F1
Wing View (planes)CTRL + F2
Fly-by ViewCTRL + F3
Operator ViewCTRL + F4
Free CameraCTRL + F5
Free Camera FORWARDV: S, CTRL   |   A: W, SHIFT
Free Camera STRAFE<: A    |    >: D
Free Camera VERTICALV: Q   |   A: E
Random Camera PositionCTRL + F6
Standard Arcade CameraV
Follow Bombs & RocketsU
Zoom ToogleZ

Top Tips when using the War Thunder Replays

As brilliant as it is to have an in-game replay feature unfortunately due to the way the replays are saved, it’s not possible to rewind replays at all, judging by the responses from War Thunder’s Twitter, they are not looking to change this anytime soon.

  • When Recording the Replay, exit the game and when you relaunch it set the Graphics to the highest setting possible for crisp quality (MAX or Movie recommended).
  • The Rocket/Rocket camera angle works ok for bombs but tends to be a little too shaky for the rocket cam.
  • Returning to cockpit view sometimes doesn’t work as intended.
  • Fly-by camera angle should only be used once or twice and can take a few seconds to get the angle corrected for a good shot.
  • Free View should only be used when you’ve noted the timestamp and location so it’s easier to get into position.
Recording Software to use (For FREE)

We hope this guide on War Thunder Replay Controls helps you out, if you need any more advice head over and join our WT Community Discord https://discord.gg/8aEVQSeSU5

This updated tutorial on how to record videos in the war thunder replay function was created in 2021, the previous outdated article from 2014 can be found here.

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Published May 12, 2021

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  1. How does this work for Console. Its difficult trying to film cinematics without these and idk how these work on console

  2. I find the "U" key works as intended during a live game (or testing range) but no longer functions in replays (for a couple of years now)

  3. This might be a dumb question, but I know in game you can get the Rank Does Not Matter, Skill Matters and GODMODE!! badges, But my question is, is it possible to see these same awards show up during a replay??

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