Air speed and energy management in War Thunder when Flying

In this post we will be explaining Energy and Energy Management and True Airspeed within War Thunder, this will help you gain an understanding of the flying characteristics at different speeds. 

First Things First: Energy and Energy Management

'E' which is Energy can be found in two forms in the context of flight: Kinetic (KE) and Potential Energy (PE). Energy will allow an aircraft to climb, dive, turn and acceleration so reasonable amount of energy can help with the maneuverability of a plane. 

m = Mass .. g = Gravitational Acceleration .. (triangle)h = Altitude Difference
Kinetic Energy = velocity and potential energy = height.
To maintain an efficient flying speed with energy gain in mind when in a leveled flight you should use as little throttle as possible (cruise speed) as the throttle is also a control surface just like vertical elevators, ailerons and rudders. Bare in mind if you was to use 100% throttle all the time you'll not only kill the engine or run it from orange to red indicators but it also won't leave enough room for the energy state.
War Thunder Air Speed and Energy Management
To Gain energy when flying is simple due to the fact that the engine will always accelerate a plane adding velocity, the kinetic energy along with the velocity will continue to increase until they're at max speed. You could also gain altitude by putting the plane into a climb in which case Drag will increase with velocity. Climbing is an efficient way of storing energy as staying at high speeds means you'll lose a large amount of energy gain to the drag.
Keep in mind that when flying at lower heights the air is thicker allowing you to gain more speed whereas at a higher altitude you'll have thinner air limiting the engine. The IAS indicator is based upon the air density and pressure and the TAS (True air speed) will display your current speed.
We will write another guide explaining the different tactics and air maneuvers to help maintain air speed/increase as well as out-maneuver your enemy.

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Published November 7, 2014

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