Join us on June 26th (Sunday) at the USA: 6:00 PM CST in War Thunder for a Historical 30+ player Event in the Operation Iraqi Freedom (Air/Ground/Helicopter Realistic Battle w/ Markers Off), Direct-Message (Reborn_Bird_Fish#6220 or Moderation Members) for Questions, and More Information. Discord invitation can be found below or here:

Vehicle Options Mini Event: (We already have about 15+ sign-ups, so some vehicles may not be mentioned here)
M1 Abrams x1
Challenger Mk.2, Challenger Mk.3, Challenger DS x2
Chieftain Mk.3, or Chieftain Mk.5 x2
M3A3 Bradley, or M3 Bradley x2
M60 (All) (Not AMBT) x∞
M551 x2
A-10A Late (Not Premium variant) x2
ZSU-23-4 x1
T-54 (All) x∞
Only T-55A (Not AMD-1) x∞
Type 59 x2
BMP-1, BMP-2 x4
PT-76B x1
SU-7BMK, SU-22 x2
Mirage F1C x2
Jaguar GR.1, Jaguar GR.1A x1
French Jaguar A x1
AMX-30 (1972), AMX-30B2, AMX-30B2 BRENUS x2
AMX-10RC x2
Warrior x1
T-72A, T-72B, T-72B (1989) x2

Organizer/More information contact: Reborn_Bird_Fish#6220

War Thunder Historical Customs (WTHC) is dedicated to providing a historically accurate recreation of custom battles, focusing on portraying real historic conflicts, strong team-play, and a lot of fun in the process. We try to help players step away from the average AB/RB Game Modes and come and join a Historical Reenactment of History, Strategy and Tactics are heavily used in our events. Each event will provide players hours of fun whilst content creators get the best experience for their next cinematic! Get involved, and Join War Thunder Historical Customs Discord Server (Current Major Event, which is still in the works is Operation Corporate, the Falklands War Milsim & Carrier Ops):

Published June 24, 2022

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