It's that time of the year again. The mighty snail lords have blessed us with another awesome patch
While many of us are excited for this, there are many down sides to patches for Sim players

. . . The Zomber Scourge. . .

We must make them pay for what they have done to our game mode.

Help us with our goal to destroy 10,000 Zombers over the first two weeks of the new patch!

WoVi Wings Of Victory

How To Participate

Play Air Sim EC on the "weak" side of a disproportionate match
(All vrs Italy, All Vrs France, etc etc) 3 or less nation is weak.

How To Earn Tickets

Each Zomber kill in a losing match = 1 ticket

Each Zomber kill on a WINNING match = 2 tickets

For every 1000 tickets created by the community killing Zombers
a reward will be drawn randomly from that batch of 1000 tickets.

Submit a Screenshot through email on our website

Click "Submit Your Ticket Claim" and follow the instructions

Prizes to be raffled

First batch Prize: 1000 GE
Second batch Prize: 1000 GE
Third Batch Prize: 1000 GE
Fourth batch Prize: 1000 GE
Fifth batch Prize: 2500 GE
Sixth batch Prize" 1000 GE
Seventh Batch Prize: 1000 GE
Eighth Batch Prize: 1000 GE
Ninth Batch Prize: 1000 GE
Tenth Batch Prize: 2500 GE

When we make it to 10,000 kills. All tickets will be entered into a final grand prize.

10,000 Goal Prize: 5000 GE

When and Details

The event will run from 1200 UTC 5/25/21 until 23:59 UTC 6/13/21
Rewards will be raffled off on TBD @ TBD on Tea Rex's Twitch stream
Rewards will be issued through the gaijin store 2 days after the raffle

Please work together to win matches. You might have others submitting tickets with you, but working together to help win matches will make the zombers rage the match quicker and result in more wins!

Ticket submissions are counted and validity judged by non-participants.
Exploits to gain an advantage, or aiding Zombers will disqualify you.

Remember, have fun making the zombers complain on the forum.

o7 Fly Dangerously.

If you have any further questions please read the contact us "Hazzaah" Through discord or FAQ on:

WoVi Wings Of Victory

Published May 27, 2021

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