About the airshow:

  • In the event, you can choose any plane of your liking (propeller aircraft or jet powered aircraft) and you can also participate with other server members in duos or large formations.
  • Your part may only take 5 minutes although you can ask for more time if you deem it necessary.
  • Spectators are also welcome! Spectator spots will be available soon and if the server limit is reached, we can screenshare the event for anyone who would like to watch over a Discord VC.

The rules:

  • You may not use offensive armament.
  • Flares and aerobatic smoke are allowed.
  • Crashing on purpose is not allowed, mistakes can happen but shouldn’t be forced.
  • Don’t go over your flight time as we don’t want to keep other participants waiting and we would like to keep the flow of the airshow. .
  • It is encouraged to stay for other participants as well.

Visit our discord; https://discord.gg/f2QDjPzppQ

Thunder Haven
Published March 23, 2022

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