Join us on April 16th, on a Sunday at USA - 11:00AM MST in War Thunder for a reaction of Siege of Bastogne (Battle of the Bulge) in Air/Ground Realistic (No Markers & Cockpit/FPS Views Only)(Direct-Message Reborn_Bird_Fish#6220 for any questions)


Brief Event Information:
• 40 Player Air/Ground Realistic (No Markers & Cockpit/FPS Views Only)
• Nations: USA & Germany
• Join our Discord Server to sign up for our Operation, more info in WTHC!

War Thunder Historical Customs Moto:
• War Thunder Historical Customs is an event server that runs both large and mini custom battles, modeled after real-life events.
- Our goal is to give a semi-Milsim/tactical experience to players.
- We also have a variety of training programs for players to help improve their skills and tactics.
- We offer a great community full of fun and activities!

Perm - Discord Server Invite Link:

Vehicle Spots/Information - Spread Sheet:

Published April 3, 2023

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