The greatest what-if of all time. The Soviet Union versus the West during the Cold War. But what if the Cold War never had a chance to start?

Europe, 1944. The Western Allies have captured Soviet documents detailing their plans to declare war on the other Allied powers once Germany is defeated. The Western nations immediately begin planning for the coming onslaught, recruiting German POWs to continue building and manning their own war vehicles produced in captured factories. Plans are drawn up detailing a preemptive strike against Soviet forces, as well as massive air and naval campaigns to reduce the much-feared Soviet ground armies.

Operation Unthinkable will be a five-part campaign being fought from the end of 2021 into mid-2022, featuring all of the famous late- and post-WW2 vehicles you know and love from both sides such as early jet fighters, prototype MBTs such as the Centurion and Pershing, even the iron-clad juggernauts Maus and IS-3. Armored groups will clash across Berlin, western Russia, and outside Moscow, fire will rain from the skies as massive air battles rage across the Ukraine, and thunder will echo over the water during amphibious landings in the Black Sea.

Published October 19, 2021

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