Barn Squad Event Announcement

Operation Dust Clouds Date: 22nd October (German Version)

Operation Sandstorm Date: 29th October (Italian Version)

Time: Custom battle opens: 6pm BST

Event briefing: 6:30pm BST

Official start: 7pm BST

Latest arrival for the event: 6:50pm BST

Gamemode: Realistic without Tags (Usernames)

British, Italian and German forces are fighting in Africa with no real winner in sight. An Attack has been planned by both sides to push back the other side. This battle will decide if the Axis get pushed back out to the sea or if they create a breakthrough, cementing their foothold in northern Africa. The Event During the years of 1940 to 1942 there was much fighting in the northern parts of Africa between the Axis and the Allies. The following battle is to demonstrate a decisive battle in the region and will be played out in War Thunder in the form of a 64 player, ground and air strategic event.

New Event Features

Two different but same battles will be taking place, with different vehicles and nations. The first Battle will be held with the Germans and British and the second one will be held with Italian and British vehicles. There will be two different sign up sheets, each having a different time zone and not being connected with each other.

Mini Events

We now have a fully organised Mini Event System planned. With a dedicated team

What are Mini-Events?

What are Mini-Events? Mini-Events are smaller events that are played before the Main Event in which the outcome can effect the main event in smaller but impactful ways such as a less detailed map for the enemy to plan with, easier or harder objectives and more whilst also staying balanced. Only people that sign up for the main event can play the Mini Events. Coin flips are the second version of this idea which consists of a scenario with 2 outcomes and an effect. This is decided by a coin flip. Only luck will give you the edge over your enemies.

Sign Up

Make sure to state your desired slot that you choose after viewing the document listed in Barn Squad so that an event organiser(which can be found on the Barnsquad Discord server) can add you to the event roster. Make sure that a slot for that vehicle does not contain a name before asking and that you are a member of the Barn Squad Server.

Published October 4, 2022

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