Join us on January 28th, on a Saturday at USA - 11:00 AM MST in War Thunder for a recreation of the Op. Cerberus (Channel Dash) an Air. Realistic Battle w/ Markers Off. (Direct-Message Reborn_Bird_Fish#6220 for any questions) Discord Invite:

Vehicle Spots/Information - Spread Sheet:

Organizer and for more information contact: Reborn_Bird_Fish#6220
War Thunder Historical Customs (WTHC) is dedicated to providing a historically accurate recreation of history, focusing on portraying real historic conflicts, strong team-play, and a lot of fun in the process. We try to help players step away from the average AB/RB game modes and come and join a Historical Reenactment of History, Strategy, and Tactics that are heavily used in our events. Each event will provide players hours of fun whilst content creators get the best experience for their next cinematic! We are launching new programs such as our "Top Gun" General Training Program, and our game mode called "The Squad's Story", and we host Mini Events too. We have lots of channels for you to make new friends and overall a great environment. Get involved, and Join War Thunder Historical Customs Discord Server: (Poster created by EggBoi#1269)

Published January 18, 2023

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