244TH Events will be holding the final phase of our Operation Unthinkable campaign this Saturday, July 2nd at 1700 UTC. The battle takes place in mid-1946 on the Moscow air map.

The epic conclusion to our 5-part campaign will feature the best tanks of each nation, including the T32, Centurion, Maus, and IS-3 facing off against each other in the snowy environs of Moscow as they attempt to capture or defend iconic landmarks such as Gorky Park and the Kremlin. While the best fighter pilots of both sides face off against each other in the newest jets and the most advanced superprops high above, ground attack aircraft will be doing their best to deliver their explosive payloads and escape at rooftop level. With a diverse mix of wide-open parks, narrow city streets, and vital river crossings, this battle will test the skills of all involved.

Will the Soviets be able to defend their beloved capital, or will the West finally succeed where Hitler and Napoleon failed? Sign up for the event and help us find out!

Published June 29, 2022

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