This Saturday, 244TH Events will be holding Phase 3 of our Operation Unthinkable Campaign, the premise of which follows what would have happened if the Western Allies were forced to activate war plans against the Soviets in 1945.

Smolensk is being quickly surrounded. Vital war supplies and personnel are almost trapped in the city, and with the Western forces closing in, the window of opportunity for their escape is closing by the hour. Large numbers of Soviet T-34-85s and tank destroyer forces have been rushed to the area, joined by the brand-new T-44 and IS-3 tanks, in an effort to defend the convoys until they can escape to the east. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Western forces have raced forward to obliterate the city’s defenses before the Soviets can withdraw their vital resources. Accompanying them are the untested T-29 and T-34 heavy tanks, as well as the newly introduced Centurion and even more advanced versions of the T26 Pershing. Violent storms in the area have grounded the attack aircraft of both sides, so tanks alone will decide the outcome of this massive assault.

Will the Western forces be able to blitz their way through Soviet defensive positions, make it across the river, and smash the escaping convoys? Or will the Soviets take advantage of their powerful new tanks and deal the Western armies a decisive blow? Join now and help us decide the outcome!

Published March 21, 2022

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