The 23rd Ghost Army is running a Battle of France campaign which follows 4 iconic battles from the fall of France in May-June 1940: The bombing raids of Operation Paula, the iconic tank Battle of Sedan, the even grander Battle of Hannut and the campaign ending in Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of Allied forces from Dunkirk.

This week we are accurately simulating the Battle of Sedan: A major tank battle of the fall of France for a strategic city on the River Meuse, featuring close air support and iconic early-war French, British and German tanks. Each battle is 1 week apart, with signups open the day after the previous battle.

The campaign covers the major aspects of the Battle of France and all 3 mediums of warfare - sea, air and land, and is each unique and interesting, offering something new for you all to experience. Many spaces for the Battle of Sedan are still open, with signups for the Battle of Hannut opening after Sedan this Sunday.

Open slots:
x2 S.35 & H.35
x1 H.35 & D2
x1 D2 & H.35
x2 LeO 451 late & Br.693AB2
x2 Wirraway & Blenheim Mk IV
x1 Panzerjäger I & Pz II C

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Team Lists:
Operation Paula:
Battle of Sedan:
Battle of Hannut:
Operation Dynamo:

Published August 7, 2021

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