⇚ ⭑ ⭑ ⭑Battle of Honkaniemi⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⇛
February 26th 1940 Karelian Isthmus, Finland

⭑ ⭑Important Info⭑ ⭑
Date and Time: Saturday 7th May at 7pm UTC (3pm EST)
Be on call by: 6:30pm UTC (2:30pm EST)
Mode: Simulator, no markers
Place: https://discord.gg/bhsspFAJB3

⭑ ⭑Mission⭑ ⭑
In early 1940 the Soviets were ramping up their attacks in eastern Finland in an attempt to break through the Finish defensive lines. The Fins have been defending their homeland for the last few months with great tenacity and heroism against a well equipped and battle hardened foe. For the last 2 months the Soviets have been throwing their all at the Fins in order to secure their flank from a supposed German Invasion staged from Finland. The Finns must keep hold of their territory and secure a Victory. The Soviets must take any chance of Victory from the Finns and secure the area around Lake Näykkijärvi.

⭑ ⭑Respawns⭑ ⭑
Each vehicle can respawn however many times they want but each death will result in a loss of tickets. Too many deaths will equal a loss for the team (use your lives sparingly).

⭑ ⭑Banned Modifications⭑ ⭑
Fighter Aircraft - Suspended Ordnance (Bombs, Rockets)

⭑ ⭑Media⭑ ⭑
Vehicle list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CeFtwfj4DTDsF8rK2dZpg5nRGzl7c_xNS_DYawugYxA/edit?usp=sharing

Published April 30, 2022

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