⇚ ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ Battle for Henderson Field & Naval Battle of Guadalcanal⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⇛
November 13th 1942, Henderson Field, Guadalcanal.

⭑ ⭑ Important Info ⭑ ⭑
Date and Time: September 3rd, 3:00pm EST (7:00pm UTC)
Be on call by: 2:30pm EST (6:30pm UTC)
Mode: Realistic, no markers.
Battle Conditions: 2am, Stormy weather.
Place: https://discord.gg/bhsspFAJB3

⭑ ⭑ Mission ⭑ ⭑
The Japanese, with the aim to land supply and transport ships, sends a massive naval force ahead to attack the American ships and bombard Henderson's Field.
The Japanese ground forces, with the aim to retake Henderson Field, scraped together their remaining tanks and launched an attack in conjunction.
The US however learns of this plan and sends their own ships to intercept the naval raid as well as bringing armored reinforcements.

The naval forces of the Japanese and USA, with one spawn, will fight one another while also providing bombardment and anti-air cover.
The Japanese ground forces will have 15 minutes to capture Henderson Field from the US forces.
If the Japanese fail to capture Henderson Field within 15 minutes, the US forces will go on the offensive with a counterattack.

⭑ ⭑ Respawns ⭑ ⭑
Unlimited respawns for tanks and aircraft but with 500 deaths overall per team.
Every ship only gets 1 spawn, when killed you must switch to your signed up tank or aircraft.

⭑ ⭑ Banned Modifications ⭑ ⭑
M4A2 Sherman - Parts, M61 Shot, T45 Shot, Add on Armor.
M3 GMC - M61 Shot.
All Ships - Tool Set.

⭑ ⭑ Additional Info ⭑ ⭑
When signing up you must choose a tank or aircraft, then you can optionally choose a ship.
If your ship gets sunk, you will switch to your tank or aircraft you have signed up for.
Please keep in mind, this will be a night battle in story weather.

⭑ ⭑ Media ⭑ ⭑
Vehicle list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KM2xhFR2c4QCtBnagCxEANF7wDrOQ1EmRzJ-DYBQwYY/edit?usp=sharing

Published August 27, 2022

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