Welcome to the latest offering from 244TH Events! We are celebrating our 1.5 year anniversary as a squadron with an aerial Poker Run across Britain and France.

Here’s how the Poker Run goes: You will take off from RAF Manston and visit five other airfields around the map. At each airfield, a staff member will give you a playing card from a random card generator and will log it on the spreadsheet. When you have visited the five airfields, you will fly back to RAF Manston and we will see who has the best poker hand! If you are a streamer we welcome you to stream the festivities. In addition, if you want to help us staff an airfield just let us know, you don’t have to be Server Staff to do so!

There is also a small competition you can join! This will be to see who completes the Run the fastest. Since staff will have a schedule of who started when, all you have to do is let us know in your #poker-run-signup message that you do want to join the speed contest. If you win, you will receive 1,000 Golden Eagles.

We will be limiting all participants to piston-engine aircraft to make the competition side more fair and to make sure it doesn't end in 15 minutes, as well as because some of the airfields are not long enough to handle jet aircraft.

This poker run is the perfect opportunity to put together a team of your friends, a team from your event server, or anything in between! You can also join as an individual if you wish. Any piston engine aircraft is accepted, although we will not be allowing some large bombers simply due to size constraints on the airfields. Join today in our server!

Published September 12, 2021

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