Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce that our ingame squadron, the 244TH NATC, is nearing its three-year anniversary. To celebrate, we will be holding an aerial Poker Run across Denmark on April 29th at 1700 UTC. You can join as an individual, make a group with your friends, or even put together a team for your server or squadron!

Players will take off from Odder, Denmark, and visit five airfields around the map. At each airfield, a staffer will give you a playing card from a random generator and record it on our spreadsheet. After visiting the five airfields, you will return to Odder and we will see who has the best poker hand! There is also an optional speed competition that you can join to see who can complete the Run fastest. All players are limited to piston-engine aircraft both to keep the competition fair and since some of the airfields cannot handle jets.

There are no prizes, just a friendly competition and an excuse to have fun flying with your friends! Signups are now open, head over to the 244TH Events server to claim your takeoff slot!

Published April 12, 2023

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