244TH Events will be holding the final battle of our alt-history North Africa campaign on Saturday, March 18 at 1700 UTC! The event will be played in simulator mode with limited allied markers.

December, 1942. After throwing the Allies out of Tunisia in a massive aerial battle, the Axis are about to overrun the Suez Canal. In a desperate last throw of the dice to delay them, an Allied tank force has counterattacked along the southern line of battle. Along the way, they have trapped a contingent from Panzergruppe Afrika and Gruppo Corazzato Africa in an oasis valley. Axis tank forces have dug into three lines of defense, with the American and British tanks closing in from the west. Will the Axis tanks be able to hold the line? Or will the Allies succeed in surrounding and destroying them?

This battle will feature multiple multiple fronts through the Red Desert map. Each team has six aircraft available for air support duties, with the rest of the teams each comprising two large tank groups.

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Published February 27, 2023

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