244TH Events will hold this massive tank battle on January 13th, 1700 UTC. The event takes place in May of 1983 on the Pyrenees air map.

After years of intense standoff in divided Germany, the Soviets finally break. Believing the Able Archer ‘83 exercise to be cover for a NATO invasion, they decide to strike first and the Soviet colossus steamrolls into West Germany. Despite intense Wild Weasel support, NATO airstrikes on advancing units have had limited success. After initially trading space for time, NATO armored units have regrouped in the Rhön Valley to make a stand. US and UK tank divisions have arrived to reinforce the battered German formations that have been holding the line since the beginning of the war. Due to prior engagements, air support will be very limited for both sides. The main objectives will be located throughout the valley floor including towns and crossroads.

Our Red Storm campaign will consist of multiple different battles in an alt-history 1983. This will be the highest-BR campaign we have ever run, with vehicles spanning from 3.7 all the way to 12.0, the majority being 9.0 and above.


- M1 Abrams, Leopard 2s, T-80s, and many other top-rank vehicles

- Limited, realistic CAS inspired by real-life JTAC procedures

- Purpose-designed custom mission file

- RB controls with no enemy markers

Published January 12, 2024

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