This news article will tell you all you need to know about War Thunders 10th birthday and all of its associated events and sales!

War Thunder 10th Anniversary Load Screen

According to Gaijin, War Thunder's release date is when the game launched into open beta on November 1st 2012. As with every launch anniversary there is an associated sale and assortment of events.

Sales Sales SALES!

The War Thunder anniversary sales are the best sales that come around in the year as it offers 50% discounts on every premium bought using golden eagles. There is a 50% discount on all talismans and 50% discount on 180 day premium account (among other things)
All vehicles that are bought using Silver Lions are also 50% off to purchase which makes it a great time to buy all those vehicles you have been holding off on. The Golden Eagle sale starts on October 31st and end on November 7th

There are no discounts for the “Drone Age” and “Fire and Ice” vehicles , as well as squadron vehicles (including modifications, talismans, and back-ups). -as per the War Thunder website

After the Golden Eagle sale is finished then the War Thunder packs will be on sale for usually 30% off along with special bundles that will become available to purchase that will offer an even heavier discount they can sometimes come with a special title to use in game too. The pack sales will start on November 7th and end on November 14th

You can check out a previously published article on what the best premiums to buy are if you are feeling unsure on what to get.

10th Anniversary Special Events

This years anniversary comes with a number of special events and one of these includes the brand new Sturmtiger heavy assault gun. Unlike many of the other events this event uses a new system to get the awards needed to unlock the tank, you just need to get 35,000 every 2 days, which might sound like a lot but can be done in 2-3 hours which over 2 days is very good especially when compared with previous events.

Other rewards are also available during this event such as decals and 3d decorators.

Is the tank worth it? well that's up to you to decide but I think it is a novelty vehicle and has no practical use in game as its weaponry is extremely awkward to use and is a bigger threat to yourself than to your enemies. The 38CM cannon takes 40 seconds to load on an aced crew and its ballistic arc makes it extremely hard to use over distance but worst of all your armour is almost meaningless as if someone shoots your barrel while you have a round in the chamber then it will instantly detonate destroying your tank.

Rare Vehicle Unlocks

A great addition to this years anniversary is the ability to get old event vehicles that are no longer obtainable just by playing the game, it uses a similar score system used on the Sturmtiger event so you can do both at the same time.
You can get up to a total of 10 vehicles out of this event however you will likely get fewer as the grind to get them goes up extremely steeply but getting 4-5 should be no issue if you are doing the Stumtiger event.

Both the Sturmtiger and rare vehicle event runs for 2 weeks from October 31s until November 14th

The vehicles on offer are as follows, if you have all the vehicles then you will get 3 days premium instead per unlock.

  • TB-3M-17-32
  • I-29
  • Ya-5M
  • A13 Mk II 1939
  • D.371 H.S.9
  • M8 LAC
  • He 51 B-2/H
  • LaGG-3-23
  • DB-7 (Britain)
  • XF5F

The Maus

The Maus is back for research for those of you interested in super heavy tanks, there's too much to be said about the tank that can be covered in this article. The ability to get the Maus nowadays is relatively rare so I would recommend trying to put at least 1 research point into it as then it will not disappear when the event ends and you will be free to research it whenever you wish. To be able to research the Maus you must be able to research rank V vehicles in the German ground tech tree.

Extra Things

There are a variety of tournaments on during the anniversary sales from 1v1 up all the way to 5v5.

There are a limited number of T-34 Prototypes and the German M4A2 75 for sale however I would recommend not purchasing them as they are extremely overpriced and not good for grinding.

There are premium PT boats also for sale but like the ground vehicles mentioned above they are not worth the asking price.
Play 1 battle between October 31st and November 14th to get a special 10 year anniversary decal.

Enjoy War Thunder's 10th Anniversary sale whilst you can, it's a BIG ONE!

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Published November 5, 2022

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