The Su-7BMK is the 2nd rank 6 premium jet to arrive in War Thunder and will be added in the next major update for the USSR. The Su-7BMK is the most widely produced variant of the Fitter-A and is a capable ground attacker and high-speed bomber.


  • One of the fastest aircraft at its BR with a top speed of 2100kph / Mach 1.7
  • Very fast acceleration and great climb rate
  • 2x 30mm cannons are great for quickly taking out enemies
  • Decent energy retention
  • Time-fuse S-24 rockets are very deadly in head-ons
  • Premium aircraft - earns extra RP & SL with extra decal slots and low crew train cost
  • High BR (10.0?) so high earnings and top tier gameplay


  • Very large and easy to hit
  • 30mm cannons only get 140 total rounds, 70 per gun
  • No AAMs
  • No RWR or radar
  • No flares or chaff
  • Poor turn rate, especially at high speeds
  • New players will buy into top tier
  • $60 USD price


The Su-7 (NATO codename: Fitter-A) was the first Soviet aircraft with an all-moving tailplane and moving nose intake to account for air pressure at different speeds. The Su-7 entered service in the late 1950s, and in March 1958 it was decided to make it a fighter-bomber to replace the obsolete IL-10. This new Su-7B variant entered service in 1961 with 431 units built.

After the success of the Su-7B and its upgrade the Su-7BM, Soviet partner countries requested an export model of the supersonic fighter-bomber. Some of the aircraft's bleeding-edge systems were removed as the USSR did not intend to export this advanced equipment, resulting in almost half a ton of weight reduction. The subsequent model named the Su-7BMK (K for commercial) began being sold in 1967 and was the most produced variant of the Su-7 series with 441 units built. The Su-7BMK primarily saw combat in the Indian and Egyptian Air Forces, however it was widely used and is even still in service with the North Korean Air Force today.

An Egyptian Su-7BMK during the Yom Kippur War, 1973.

Egypt used the aircraft in the Six Day War of 1967, and later in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. India used the Su-7BMK extensively during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, where it achieved 2 air kills after 1,500 sorties. Indian pilots praised the Su-7 for its impeccable sturdiness and survivability, able to survive shocking levels of AA fire, and even in one case, an AIM-9 fired straight into the tail.

This image is debated as being the photo of the first Su-7BMK to reach the Indian Air Force, where it later served in the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971.


Those already familiar with the Su-7 platform will be pleased to discover that this variant builds on all the strong points of the Su-7BKL. The Su-7BMK features the upgraded AL-7-F1 engine, which gives this plane the fantastic acceleration and top speed that it will most certainly need at top tier where it'll be fighting much of the time. The energy retention is also superb, meaning you will sustain much of your speed when evading enemies. This does however come at the cost of manoeuvrability, and the Su-7BMK will most definitely struggle to out-turn opponents and pull with them in manoeuvres. Luckily, the high top speed and good acceleration means this plane can easily run away from unfavourable situations - just be mindful you have no countermeasures or RWR, so be extremely weary for missiles.

The Su-7BMK is identical to the BKL in armaments available: 4x S-24 time-fuse rockets, 42x S-3K or x76 S-5K unguided rockets, or a mixture of 6x 250kg and 4x 500kg bombs. Like all Su-7s, the BMK is incapable of carrying any AAMs, so while you can play this aircraft in a boom-and-zoom fighter role fairly comfortably with its high top speed and acceleration, the platform is a thoroughbred ground strike aircraft and it will excel in that role. Fortunately, ground striking gives fantastic RP & SL benefits, so this won't at all net you poor results.


The Su-7BMK is a decent addition for a top tier Soviet premium aircraft. It's extremely fast with great climb rate, acceleration and energy retention. This combined with the very good ground strike capabilities means it will be a fun ground attacker. It's possible to use this aircraft in a fighter role, however you must always remember its shortcomings in battle and be mindful that most aircraft will out-turn you and you must also be mindful for the barrage of AAMs that will likely come your way as people see you as an unagile and thus easy kill. While more of a niche aircraft than the F-5C, it will still give you good results, and will make grinding the Soviet tree a pleasant experience.

The Su-7BMK is currently available for pre-order on the Gaijin Store and comes with 2000 GE, 15 days of premium time, a historical '32nd Indian Air Force Squadron' camouflage, 'Vajra' decal and title 'India' for $60 USD.

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Published May 15, 2021

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