With the new year in full swing War Thunder's most recent battle pass has been put to rest and on the 26th of January the new season "Firepower" has been launched with a whole basket full of goodies. But what exactly do you get out of it and is it worth it? In this article we'll be taking a look at the rewards and items you can receive and looking into just how worth it they really are.

But what is the battle pass?

The battle pass is a purchase item which allows you access to a selection of rewards for completing daily tasks in order to obtain new levels which unlocks boosters, vehicles, decals and other items. You can also receive points from a persistent login streak and challenges that can be unlocked at certain levels as well as timed challenges. Each level gives you an item which seem to be randomized each season but the more persistent rewards seem to be levels 25, 50 and 75 which are all each vehicle rewards. Be quick about these seasons because after they end the rewards are unobtainable!

Attacker Aircraft Su-8

Armed with a staggering quad package of 45mm cannons, the heavily armed Su-8 is this season's biggest reward which also means it'll be the end goal of your efforts. With 200 rounds at your disposal it should be punishing against enemy ground forces. Backed up by a heavy mixture of bombs and rockets this vehicle should perform excellent... if you face no aerial opposition which is where the downsides arrive. The addition of 8 7.62mm machine guns in the wings heavily reduce the aircraft's maneuverability while only somewhat increasing firepower against enemy aircraft. The vehicle's realistic battle rating of 4.7 is even more of a downside as enemy aircraft are extremely capable and will catch you with minimal effort. Personally when other alternatives such as the Pe-2, Pe-3, IL-2, Yer-2 and Tu-2 exist this plane isn't worth the buy in.

Tank Destroyer M64

A Chinese amalgamation which consists of the M18 and M42, it brings nothing to the table in all honesty. The mobility provided by the extra 100 hp is a nice addition however, it is completely negated by the addition of almost 6.5 tons of weight while not adding extra armor. While it does offer an additional 7.62mm machine gun it doesn't stand out enough to encourage players to buy into the battle pass to receive the vehicle. It's playstyle and capabilities will be exactly the same as the M18. Just get the M18 instead.

Medium Tank M.41 Turan II

Arguably the best addition so far, the Hungarian Turan II is a unique vehicle that's heading to the Italian Tree. While it's very similar to the Panzer IV F1 it does offer extra protection against HEAT and other chemical projectiles. It's armor consists of 50mm frontal which will provide you the same protection as the Panzer IV F1, it's gun is quick firing and uses HEAT projectiles like the Panzer IV F1.. see where I'm going with this? They even have the same reload but the Panzer IV's HEAT penetrates 10mm more. While it's unique and interesting in it's own regard it carries an expressly similar play style to the early German infantry support tanks. A great addition to the somewhat lackluster Italian line up but in the end it's up to the buyer to ultimately decide if the vehicle is worth the price tag.

Patrol Craft MTB-422

For those ten or so of you that actually play naval, the MTB is an American built PT boat pressed into British service. Armed with a selection of 40mm, 20mm and 12.7mm guns as well as Torpedos tubes that have been reduced by half when in comparison to American service vessels. Ultimately it isn't much to speak of when similar renditions of the vehicle already exist. At the same time the travesty that is the naval game mode isn't worth the time and effort to fully get into, but that's a choice best left to the player.

Other Rewards

With a large amount of boosters, decals, lions and even decorations what else can you expect from the Battle Pass? To supplement the vehicles as rewards there are three decorations two of which are tank and one ship decoration. An avatar and four decals are also available. You can also earn warbond points and other minor items such as backups.


The 6th season of the battle pass is certainly one of the weaker ones. With 5.7 being the highest BR for any of the vehicles it is glaringly obvious that Gaijin's sentiment for the battlepass is more about receiving than giving. If you're interested in the vehicles then by all means go for it as it's certainly a cheaper alternative in comparison to a lot of the premium options available but I think most players will find that these vehicles are easy to pass over for already existing alternatives. That being said I appreciate you reading and if you have any questions/requests you can talk to me or other contributors over at the discord server. All opinions are my own. This battle pass should end around May 1st.

Published January 28, 2022

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